Saturday November 14, 2020

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9:30-10:00 am EST

Want to know more about volunteering with Results Canada?

Pre-conference session

Learn more about volunteering with Results Canada and how you can take action to help create a world without extreme poverty. Already a volunteer with Results? Tell your friends to attend!

Welcome to the conference: Saturday

10:00-10:50 am EST

Turning the corner on COVID-19: leave no

one behind


Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus is the father of social business and microcredit, and a globally-renown social justice champion. Hear his views on the impact of COVID-19 and the need for a global response that leaves no one behind.

Keynote speaker:

Prof. Muhammad Yunus 

Founder of the Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Results Canada volunteer speakers:

Jean-François Tardif

interpretation available

10:50-11:00 am EST

Advocacy in action: listening for inner applause


Hear testimonials from Results Canada volunteers about their experience with Results, why volunteering is important to them, and what it’s like to take action for a world without extreme poverty.

Results Canada volunteer speakers:

Tanvi Ojha

Geralyn Klassen

11:00-11:15 am EST


11:15-12:15 pm EST

COVID-19's ripple effect: global impact


COVID-19 is a serious global health crisis and is having rippling effects across the globe. Hear first-hand from people working on the front lines in response to COVID-19 and learn how they are mitigating its impact.

Keynote speakers:

Onome Ako

Executive Director, Amref Health Africa in Canada

Nicole Hurtubise

Executive Director, WaterAid

Rosemary Mburu

Executive Director, WACI Health

Kate O'Brien

Coordinator, We Are TB

interpretation available

12:15-1:00 pm EST

Trivia at lunch

Join us for a friendly round of trivia! Test your knowledge and learn some interesting facts. Tally up your points and we’ll announce the winner(s) - just for fun!

1:00-1:10 pm EST

Advocacy in action: listening for inner applause


Hear testimonials from Results Canada volunteers about their experience with Results, why volunteering is important to them, and what it’s like to take action for a world without extreme poverty.

Results Canada volunteer speakers:

Younes Boukhaffa

Piera Spinelli Barrile

Gurpreet Singh

1:10-2:00 pm EST

Results visioning


Gain a deeper understanding of Results, its history, and its reputation for generating impact by tapping into the power of citizen volunteers. Both Executive Directors will share their thoughts with you about where Results can go and how to grow the movement.

Keynote speakers:

Dr. Joanne Carter

Executive Director, RESULTS US

Chris Dendys

Executive Director, Results Canada

2:00-2:45 pm EST

Advocacy 101


Learn what advocacy (“taking action”) is and why it’s important for creating change in the world. Different tactics, methods, case studies and parliamentary tips will be shared to develop your confidence and skills as an advocate.

2:00-2:45 pm EST

Growing our piggy bank: how you can start fundraising


Learn about peer-to-peer fundraising and how to engage in fundraising digitally. Tips and tricks will be shared from experienced fundraisers at RESULTS US who will teach you how to make fundraising fun and easy to do.

Keynote speakers:

Nancy Gardiner

Global Poverty volunteer, RESULTS US

Mea Geizhals

Acting Director of Individual Giving, RESULTS US

2:45-3:00 pm EST


3:00-3:45 pm EST

Media lab: getting LTEs and op-eds published


This workshop will equip you with concrete tips for writing letters to the editor (LTEs) and op-eds. Hear from experienced volunteers who will share their insights and best practice.

Results Canada volunteer speakers:

Dena Sharafdin

Sahej Kaur Saini

Nathaniel Poole

Franck Potwora

Lucinda Winslow

Bill Baker

10 tips for digital advocacy: how to be a social media guru


This workshop gives you the tools to do social media advocacy and an understanding of why it’s an effective way to take action. Learn how you can spread your message for ending extreme poverty using our top ten digital advocacy tips.

Results Canada volunteer speaker:

Norm Filiol

3:00-3:45 pm EST

3:45-4:15 pm EST

Examining power & privilege in global health and international development


Learn how power and privilege are entrenched in the history of global health and international development and how those imbalances manifest in extreme poverty.  The role that advocates can play to dismantle racism and oppression will be explored.

Keynote speakers:

Dr. Madhukar Pai

Canada Research Chair in Epidemiology & Global Health, McGill University and Associate Director, McGill International TB Centre

Pascasie Minani Passy

Author and Professor of International Development, University of Ottawa

4:15-4:30 pm EST

Close of Saturday


A brief summary of insights and lessons learned will be shared with a brief outlook on what you can expect on Sunday.

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